Fashion jewelry is one of the fastest growing categories in the retail world.  At Evince Jewels, we believe, the finest of jewels need not come with the heftiest of price tags. Designed by exceptional artists and crafted by master craftsmen from around the world, Evince is all about affordable luxury, exclusive, standout pieces starring in a sumptuous and smooth shopping experience.

Each piece of jewelry on Evince comes with the assurance of quality and durability. We know the demands on every woman’s time – we create our pieces with utmost care so that you don’t need to spend hours caring for it. In the last four years, we have made sustained efforts to understand the customer; set up a robust back end supported by technology with an edge and finely detailed crafting.

With a highly competent management team, we aim to create a great lifestyle experience for our esteemed customers. We hope you enjoy shopping on our site and for any wholesale query reach out to us at